Photo Contest . Concurso de Fotografía

Submit your photo(s) by August 22, 2020. Photo winners will be announced on September 15, 2020. Photos will be judged by OSM and OSSM leadership. Judging criteria will be based on the four pillars of Servite Spirituality and how they are conveyed through image or images. The four pillars: service, community, Mary, mercy

Your photo(s) will be submitted with a description or story sent in Microsoft Word or in the body of the email no more than 300 words. Images should be 300 dpi for a minimum final print size of approx. 8 x 10 inches. Submit high-resolution photos as JPEGs.

Email your photo submissions and story to include your local community name and location.

First, Second and Third prizes will be awarded and all photos and stories will be added to the OSSM photo gallery