Resources and Collaborating

To request a zoom meeting room email us.
Sometimes it is not possible to meet in the same room. Maybe everyone is unable to attend the meeting physically or someone or a few more cannot make it to the meeting. If that is the case consider joining through a virtual meeting room.

Local Community Ideas

Start a photo sharing project for example photos from the past, prom, wedding, baby photos or your 16 birthday, share images of sacred spaces in your home – give a brief description of the space along with how you use it, vacation photosespecially with other Servites and visited sacred spaces. Share with us photos of your OSSM local community life and projects. Other Ideas please share with us.

OSSM USA Photo Gallery

As community share your local photo sharing projects to the OSSM Photo Gallery.

Photo & Video Submission Form
Download the photo submission form. 
Complete the form and email to
Attach to the email your digital images as jpeg or png (please contact us for best video format to share).
Attach to the email a brief description of the project or event in a word document.

OSSM USA Photo Gallery

Contact us for an opportunity to learn and share ideas on how to use the resources found here in our How to section.

OSSM USA on Facebook is active with prayers and prayer requests, sharing devotions and images of life and sacred spaces. In addition, Facebook is a place for sharing videos and information or questions about faith life. 

Join Facebook
OSSM USA on Facebook – @ossmUSA

Why. We have elections all time. People move and change in their local community roles. In order to maintain communications with our local community we need to have your leadership contact information. By assigning email address for each local community the leadership will have a communication portal to OSSM USA local and national. With new leadership the password can be changed for unique and private correspondence.

How. The National Council will assign your first time access information to the OSSM WebMail. The first time access information is a username and password. The username will remain the same, however the password can be changed by you. To access your webmail HERE and enter your assigned username and password. 


La Virgen, Juarez

The Catholic Church, since it was founded by Christ our Lord to bear salvation to all men and thus is obliged to preach the Gospel, considers it one of its duties to announce the Good News of salvation also with the help of the media of social communication and to instruct men in their proper use. HIS HOLINESS POPE PAUL VI