Your Support

OSSM Local Community
In our Rule of Life Chapter 5, The Witness of Poverty, guides us to live a simple life as OSSM community and individuals. Resources for ongoing formation, and communication with our local sisters and brothers and our Servite Family in the USA and in the world are necessary and your contribution will be appreciated for program and resource development.
Prayer Ministry
Chapter 3 in our Rule of Life prayer is essential for our way of life. To live constantly in God’s presence, meeting with God in faith and in the Word as we intercede for people and our creation. Your contribution will support the necessary resources for this communication and development.
Child Jesus School
As individuals and community we may choose to support local organizations through a parish or Catholic Charities, and in the Servite family, our expression Secular Servites, we have made a commitment to support the Child Jesus School in Petit Goave, Haiti. In our Rule of Life Chapter 6, Apostolate, we are called to be of service to the sick, the infirm, the most needy. Mary at the foot of the cross is our guiding principle. Your contributions will help continue the much needed support for our sisters and brothers at the Child Jesus School.

Thank you for your consideration.

To make a contribution by check:
please make check paid to the order of
Secular Order Servants of Mary and send to
Michael Williams, OSSM
National Treasurer
P.O. Box 20008
Portland, OR 97294-0008